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Where to Get a Delicious Cheesecake on your Guatemalan Vacation

Well, it may not be the first thing on every Guatemalan tourist's mind, but from time to time a weary traveler realizes that there's just no substitute for an indulgent dessert, and in the world of desserts, cheesecake takes the cake! Given that there is hardly a culture or geographic location on earth that has yet to enjoy the simple pleasures of a good cheesecake, it's not surprising that there are a number of restaurants here in Coban and the Verapaces that serve up a delectable cheesecake.

It's true that there is no Cheesecake factory or the likes in the borders of Coban, but that's not exactly what the adventurous traveler wants in the first place. The typical tourist that comes to Alta Verapaz is there to enjoy the incredible natural beauty that is everywhere, and a good dessert is side stop rather than a purpose for a trip to the green heart of Guatemala.

So, in a Guatemala traveler's quest for cheesecakes, here's a few tips for where to go for the best desserts available:

Café El Tirol
This wonderful little cafe is located right on central park in downtown Coban, and aside from the unique ambiance it is know for wonderful desserts and coffee drinks. It's a little easy to walk right by, but the turn through the gate and into the little driveway is well worth this Guatemalan delight. The entrance has a sign and is located right across the street from La Posada Hotel. Its unique location provides outdoor seating while guests don't have to be right on the crowded streets. This cafe is owner-operated and offers a wonderful dessert selection.

Don Jeronimo's
This wonderful eco lodge offers an ecological / spiritual tour package of one week's duration (but it can be done in fewer days, or extended at will) of Coban and the Alta Verapaz of Guatemala. Perhaps the most wonderful part of a trip to Don Jeronimo's is the meals - cooked by Don Jeronimo himself! Desserts are especially wonderful, with the seasonal blueberry and strawberry cheesecake being treats that will make the "best of" list for any vacation!

El Bistro (Casa D´ Acuna)
This is very beautiful restaurant located down the hill from the Central park, and successfully maintains a casual, comfortable atmosphere as locals and tourists alike can be found here on any given occasion. The cheesecake here is excellent, and might even remind you of a New York cheesecake.

In addition to these selections, you might try any number of local bakeries, and depending on the day and the occasion, you might just find a good cheesecake nestled among the other wonderful baked treats behind the counter. If you're in Guatemala for a Spanish school, ask your host family - cheesecakes are not at all uncommon and you might find that your host family has a gourmet cheesecake chef!

We hope you enjoy your travels in Guatemala and especially in Coban and the Verapaces, and we hope that somewhere along your stay you'll get the chance to enjoy the wonderful pleasures of all Guatemala has to offer - including the cheesecake!

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